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Southeast Louisiana Council High Adventure Program

Welcome to the new world of high adventure in the Southeast Louisiana Council.  As your new council High Adventure chair I have made it my mission to make sure every Boy Scout, Venturer and adult leader in the council is made aware of the High Adventure opportunities available to them and their units and that everyone knows how to take advantage of them.  At this year’s program preview conference each Troop and Crew in the council will receive a copy of the upcoming council High Adventure Guidebook.  In the meantime this article will give everyone the basics of what is out there.


Council Contingent Rotation

Over the last few years the council contingents offered by SELA have pretty much consisted of trips to Philmont.  We understand that backpacking is not a draw for every Boy Scout.  To that end SELA will now have a set rotation to visit each of the four national high adventure bases.  This will allow individuals to better plan their adventures by knowing what the council will be offering.  Also, this will allow a Scout who may be interested in attending ALL of the national bases a way to plan for that opportunity.  The rotation is as follows:

2014 – Florida Sea Base (See additional article in this issue for more information on this opportunity)-cancelled due to lack of interest

2015 – Philmont Scout Ranch-cancelled due to lack of interest

2016 – Northern Tier

2017 – The Summit


The rotation will just continue in that same order in the following years.  For more information about any of the national High Adventure bases follow this link:


Unit Opportunities

Many people think that the only way someone can attend a national high adventure base is via a council contingent.  This could not be farther from the truth!  The majority of the treks to the bases are by individual units.  The upcoming council high adventure guide will have details on how to take advantage of these opportunities but these links will give you some basic information:

Philmont –

Northern Tier –

Sea Base –

The Summit –


Individual Opportunities

In addition to unit programs there are opportunities for individual Scouts and Venturers at some of the national high adventure bases.  Again, detailed information will be in the upcoming guidebook but these links are a wealth of information about these programs:

Philmont –

Northern Tier –


Also, in some cases it may be possible for an individual Scout or Venturer to join an existing Crew if they are looking to fill a spot.  Information about this can be found on each high adventure base website.


Order of the Arrow Programs

Are you a member of the Order of the Arrow?  If so, there are some special opportunities available to you that allow you to experience the programs of Philmont, Northern Tier or Sea Base while providing you with the opportunity to give service to the base.  Follow this link for more information on these programs:


Venturing Opportunities

Venturers we haven’t forgotten about you!  While each council contingent is open to Venturers as well as Boy Scouts the council is also putting together special Venturing-Only contingents.  In 2014 we are offering a trip to Northern Tier to participate in the Okpik program.  The dates are March 1-5, 2014.  Please see the other article elsewhere in this newsletter for more information on this trip.  We will be putting together additional Venturing-Only programs soon.  Be on the watch for some big announcements!


Adult Opportunities

There are also many opportunities for adult leaders to take training courses in some beautiful settings.  The following links give more information about these programs:

Philmont Training Center –

Philmont Leadership Challenge –

Northern Tier Training Center –


In addition, a number of training opportunities are available at the Florida Sea Base each year.  Information about these trainings is generally released toward the end of the year and will be posted on the Council webpage when available.


Local High Adventure Programs

In addition to the national high adventure bases many local councils offer high adventure opportunities.  This page provides links to information on these programs:


Big news on this front though…We now have a local high adventure opportunity right here in Louisiana!  The Evangeline Area Council is now operating the Atchafalaya Swamp Base.  Click on one the link below for more information on this exciting new program!


In addition to all of the above Jamborees also fall under the umbrella of the council High Adventure committee.  The schedule for upcoming national and world jamborees is as follows:

2015 – World Jamboree in Japan

2017 – National Jamboree

2019 – World Jamboree in the United States


All national jamborees as well as the 2019 World Jamboree will be held at The Summit.


Powder Horn

The Powder Horn course is designed to help the troop, team, or crew by exposing older Scouts, Venturers, and adult leaders to safely conducted outdoor/high-adventure activities of a fun and challenging nature. The course provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully lead youth through a program of outdoor adventure and is based upon giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high-adventure activities. The course presenters are expert consultants, from inside and outside of Scouting, in each outdoor high adventure activity. It is not a certification event. It is for any youth or adult interested in experiencing a unit-level, high-adventure program. The purpose of a Powder Horn course includes:

  • Safe participation in fun and challenging outdoor activities;
  • An introduction to resources, including expert local consultants, that can improve a unit's program;
  • Exposure to new and exciting high-adventure activities;
  • Help in delivering the promise at the unit level;
  • Promoting youths' and adults' creativity when delivering high-adventure programs.


We are planning a Powder Horn course for 2014.  More information will be coming soon!


High Adventure Committee

I am in the process of putting together a standing council High Adventure committee whose job it will be to plan events for our Scouts and Venturers as well as act as the information sources in each district.  While I would like to have at least one representative on the committee from each district all interested Scouters are welcome.  If you are interested in representing your district on the committee please contact your district Camping and Outdoor Program Committee chair, or contact me if your district does not have a COPC chair.


In conclusion I hope that these changes to the SELA High Adventure program will help every Scout, Venturer and Scouter take advantage of the opportunities that are out there and challenge themselves in new ways.  If you have any questions about any of these programs, or about high adventure in general, please feel free to contact me.


Darryl J. Barrios

Southeast Louisiana Council High Adventure Chair

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