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College of Commissioner Science
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3939 Gentilly Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70126, US
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2021 Southeast Louisiana Area Council - College of Commissioner Science

The College of Commissioner Science is a supplemental training opportunity for all BSA Commissioners, Council and Unit Leaders in the Southeast Louisiana Council.  It is focused on the Curriculum Pathway to the Bachelors Degree and the Masters Degree in Commissioner Science.

The College will be held at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Nelson Price Building at 3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

Directions to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: From the West Bank

Head towards downtown New Orleans on the Expressway and cross the Mississippi River Bridge.  Follow I-10 West to I-610 East toward Slidell.  Take Exit 4 for Franklin Avenue and turn left.  Turn right on US-90 East/Gentilly Boulevard.  450 feet turn left into the Seminary.

Directions to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: From the East Bank

Head towards downtown New Orleans on I-10 East and stay left to I-610.  Take Exit 4 for Franklin Avenue and turn left.  Turn right on US-90 East/Gentilly Boulevard.  450 feet turn left into the Seminary.

Directions to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: From the North Shore

Head towards downtown New Orleans on I-10 West. Follow I-10 West to Old Gentilly Road, Exit 239 toward Louisa Street.  Take a left at Old Gentilly Road, Turn right at the Waffle House (on the right), turn left on US-90 W and pass the Burger King on the left. The Seminary is on the right.

The Commissioner Conference is $20.00 per person registration fee includes:

  1. degree neckerchief (officially presented in February 2022 at the Commissioner Banquet),
  2. a certificate and College transcript,
  3. a conference link to training material,
  4. a personal progress form for tracking class attendance toward your Commissioner Science degrees,
  5. morning refreshments, and
  6. Box lunch (Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef Sandwich or Chef Salad).

This is a uniformed event and uniforms are required.

Degree Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree:

* Prerequisite: Must be registered as Commissioner

* Must have completed Commissioner Basic Training

* Must have completed 7 courses of Bachelor level

* Performance: Must have approval of District Commissioner/Council Commissioner

Master’s degree:

* Prerequisite: Must be currently registered as Commissioner

* Must have earned Arrowhead Honor

* Must have earned Bachelor's Degree

* Must have completed 7 courses at Master's level (total of 14 for both)

* Performance: Must have approval of District Commissioner/Council Commissioner

College of Commissioner Science Curriculum

Bachelor’s Degree Level Courses  (BCS)

BCS101- Core Concepts of Unit Service – The position of commissioner is one of the oldest in Scouting. This course reviews and reinforces the core concepts of unit service and identifies the key skills needed for commissioners to be able to assess the units they serve.

BCS104 – Contacting Units - This course examines the role of contacts between commissioners and their units. At the heart of unit service are the contacts commissioners make with their units.

BCS105- Resolving Common Unit Problems- This course will build the commissioner’s knowledge of the early warning signs of a unit in danger of failing as well as group discussions about how to support problem-solving of some common issues.

BCS109- Essential Element-A Servant’s Heart-  In 1970, Robert Greenleaf introduced the term “servant leadership.” He wrote an essay titled “The Servant as Leader” that was later expanded into a book. That book is a very influential management text that launched the servant leadership movement. By the end of this session, each participant should…

• Define the characteristics of servant leadership

• Understand a servant’s heart

• Apply this concept in unit service


BCS116 – Collaborative Assessments - This course examines and discusses the need for collaboration in assessing unit’s strengths and needs to build a Unit Service Plan with the unit leaders and record progress in Commissioner Tools in working toward their goals.

BCS117 – Commissioner and the Unit Key 3 - This course examines the roles of the Unit Key 3 and how a commissioner works with and coaches each.  This is a participant discussion format course.

BCS150 – Roundtables in Unit Service An effective roundtable is vital to the success of all unit service. This course reviews and reinforces how roundtables fit into the unit service structure by providing roundtable services to units and unit leaders.

Masters Degree Level Courses (MCS)

MCS303 - Managing Unit Service at the District Level –  In this course, we will review how commissioner tools can assist commissioners working at the district level understand how their units and commissioners are performing.

MCS304 – Commissioner Service for Units at Risk-  In this course indicators of units at risk, approaches for investigating units reported to be at risk and resolving the issues that have put the unit at risk are discussed.

MCS305 – Resolving Critical Issues-In this course you will practice and discuss making a detailed assessment and unit service plan for units with different issues. This course is scenario and discussion driven.  1)Discuss the role of Commissioner Tools in working through critical unit issues, 2) Provide practical experience in solving various issues through role play and discussion of scenarios of units with critical issues and 3) Demonstrate how to prepare a detailed assessment and unit service plan.

MCS306 - Mentoring Skills - The course will discuss the new mentoring model, differences of coaching and mentoring and how it applies to commissioner service.

At the end of this training a commissioner will be able to:

• Recognize the role of a mentor

• Understand mentoring methods

• Discuss building the mentoring relationship


MCS316 – Developing the Units Service Plan- This training will enable the commissioner to:

• Understand the role and involvement of the district operating committee in supplying specialized resources to support unit needs.

• Possess insight and awareness necessary to evaluate unit functions and identify the best available resources to assist with unit needs.

• Identify critical elements in collaborative detailed unit health assessments to improve unit performance and formulate a successful unit service plan.

MCS350 – Unit and Roundtable Commissioners Working Together This course will provide an opportunity to see how all the members of the commissioner corps in a district help units identify and resolve their problems.

MCS351 How to Conduct the Annual Planning Session -  An effective roundtable annual plan is vital to the success of all roundtables. Every district and council should have an annual roundtable plan. This course will discuss annual roundtable planning in your district or council.

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$20.00 per Participant
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