Southeast Louisiana CouncilPacks with Girl Dens
District Name Unit Type Unit No Program Name Sponsoring Org       Contact Name Contact Phone number Contact Email Meeting Place Date and Time
Bayou Pack 332 Cub Scouting Lockport Volunteer Fire Department 70374     Jessica Rodrigue 985-791-4748    
Bayou Pack 333 Cub Scouting Lafourche Telephone Co. 70373     Dawn Theriot 985-381-6743    
Bayou Pack 334 Cub Scouting St. Mary's Nativity Church 70394     Sarah Matherne 985-805-0851    
Bayou Pack 339 Cub Scouting St. Bernadette Church 70364     Cristy Ardoin 985-519-3530 Herbert Hall behind St Bernadette Church 3rd Wed at 6p
Bayou Pack 453 Cub Scouting St. Genevieve Catholic Church 70301     Rene Geerts 985-803-0050 St Genevieve Cafeteria 4th Wed @ 6p
Bayou Pack 555 Cub Scouting Church of St. Joseph the Worker 70339     Purnell Landry 504-465-2527    
Bayou Pack 712 Cub Scouting Choctaw Volunteer Fire Department 70301     Carmen Folse 985-209-3565    
Bayou Pack 820 Cub Scouting St. Louis Catholic Church 70364     Claire Western 850-776-1169    
Cataouatche Pack 394 Cub Scouting Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 70072     Kimberly Lomonaco 504-710-2091    
Cataouatche Pack 395 Cub Scouting Visitation Of Our Lady Catholic Church 70072     Rick Doherty 504-975-9212 Visitation Cafeteria every Monday @ 7
Cataouatche Pack 796 Cub Scouting St. Cletus Catholic Church 70053     Carl Kluttz 504-813-3541 St. Cletus TBD
Cataouatche Pack 2000 Cub Scouting Our Lady of Prompt Succor 70094     Manuel Torano 504-340-7885    
Cypress Pack 11 Cub Scouting Covenant United Methodist Church 70043     Joanna Ragas 504-400-1816 Covenant UMC Thursdays at 6:30p
Fleur de Lis Pack 55 Cub Scouting Holy Name Of Jesus School Parents Club 70118     Eric Smith 504-799-9857 Holy Name of Jesus 2nd Thurs @ 6:30p
Fleur de Lis Pack 56 Cub Scouting Lusher Charter School 70118     Erik Arnold 504-324-9879    
Pelican District Pack 25 Cub Scouting Parents Of JC Ellis 70005     Mark Henry 504-982-1185    
Pelican District Pack 30 Cub Scouting St. Angela Merici 70002     Bryan Hassett 504-427-1988    
Pelican District Pack 33 Cub Scouting Delta Lions Club 70123     Michelle Jathro 504-432-2726 Delta Lions Club on Hickory 1st and 3rd Wed @ 7
Pelican District Pack 108 Cub Scouting Metairie Park Country Day School 70005     Jenifer Hodgson 504-274-4332    
Pelican District Pack 221 Cub Scouting Christ the King Lutheran church 70065     Althea Vallaton 504-329-5099    
Pelican District Pack 260 Cub Scouting Parents of Marie Riviere 70001     Jonathan Cranfield 504-881-6401    
Pelican District Pack 266 Cub Scouting St. Matthew the Apostle 70123     Ray Taix 504-737-3574    
Pelican District Pack 368 Cub Scouting Atonement Lutheran Church 70003     Natalie Costa 504-338-6745 Atonement Lutheran Schoool  
Pelican District Pack 434 Cub Scouting St. Martin's Episcopal School 70003     Marcella Fink 504-304-9507    
Pelican District Pack 491 Cub Scouting St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church 70002     Adrienne Salvaggio 504-235-8192    
Pelican District Pack 740 Cub Scouting Crescent City Christian School 70006     Donald Cannatella 504-874-0597 Crescent City Christian  
River Parishes Pack 93 Cub Scouting Lutheran Church of the Galilean 70068     William McClung 504-512-1188 Lutheran Church Tuesday @ 7pm
River Parishes Pack 318 Cub Scouting First United Methodist Church of LaPlace 70068     Marcus Gilbert 504-669-0304 Lutheran Church Tuesday @ 7pm
River Parishes Pack 370 Cub Scouting St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church 70070     Chris Frickey 504-905-4798 St Anthony of Padua Luling every Thurs @ 7p
Soccer And Scouting Pack 375 Cub Scouting Terrytown Elementary P.T.O. 70056     Timothy Royal 504-858-1900    
Soccer And Scouting Pack 376 Cub Scouting Terrytown Elementary P.T.O. 70056     " " "    
Soccer And Scouting Pack 440 Cub Scouting Muslim Academy 70056     Monica Legendre 504-676-7170 TBD  
Soccer And Scouting Pack 1121 Cub Scouting St. Ville 70058     Seth Lundquist 815-566-5690    
Soccer And Scouting Pack 3191 Cub Scouting Celerity Woodmere Charter School 70058     Monica Legendre 504-676-7170    


Serving Scouting in Southeast Louisiana Parishes of 
Assumption, Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemine,
St. John the Baptist, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James,
St. Tammany, and Terrebonne 

4200 S. I-10 Service Rd. West, Metairie, Louisiana 70001 
P.O. Box 1146, Metairie, Louisiana  70004
(504) 889-0388 Fax: (504) 889-1162 Toll Free: (800) 394-9410

 Council Service Center Hours of Operation
Administrative Offices (Suite 101) - 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
Council Services (Suite 125) - 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday