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The Executive Board
Southeast Louisiana Council
Boy Scouts of America


Council President - Holly McCollum
Council Commissioner - Mark Young
Executive Vice President - Andrew Todd MD
Scout Executive - Torrey Hayden


Council Officers:

Patrick Brandau, Council Treasurer
Chad Dufrene, Vice President of Finance
Richard Exnicios, Vice President of Membership
Ken Klemm, Vice President of Program
Charles Lazarre, Vice President of District Operations<
Chad Dufrene, Vice President of Endowment

Kenneth Pickering, Vice President of Manpower
Bob Bartlett, Vice President of Properties
Pat Talley, Legal Counsel & Vice President of Administration
Vacant, Vice President of Emerging Markets
Tracy Dedeaux, Vice President of Marketing
Alan Holekamp, Vice President of Strategic Planning

Executive Board

Muffin Adriance
Cassie Alsfeld
Robert Bachman
Bob Bartlett
Donald T Boysie Bollinger
Charles Bourque
Harold Buchler, Jr
David Cedro
Pat Claffey
Bruce Clement
Jeffrey Corbin
Pat Denechaud
Andrea Gibson
Eugene Green Jr
John F Heaton, MD
David Hildebrandt, DDS
Tim Hornsby

Susan Hutson
Wil Jacobs
Wingate Jones
Mark Landry
David Leroux
Tia Lopez
Bill Metcalf
Jim Letten
Ryan Moore
Louis Morrell
Charles Nelson
Cindy Nguyen
Ryan Page
Eric Paulsen
Mayra Pineda
Gothard Reck

Charles Rice, Jr
Kelly Rodrigue
Greg Rusovich
James Schoen
Michael Sigur
Martin Sirera *

Jim Stevenson
Frank B Stewart, Jr
Lynn Strahan
Wayne Tracy
Aaron Thompson, MD *
Cory Vidal
Marian Wallis
Isaac Western *
Garry Winchester
Jay Winford

* District Chair

Advisory Council or Honorary Members

Greg Champagne
Brandt Dufrene
Marlin Gusman
Dennis Hart
Michael Hecht
Ben Johnson
Ed Lang
Walt Lanier
Cynthia Molyneux
Garrett Monti
Peggy Reeves
Jimmy Fitzmorris (posthumous)


Charles Nelson (Chair)
Frank B Stewart Jr

Donald T Boysie Bollinger
Jim Letten
Ken Pickering



Serving Scouting in Southeast Louisiana Parishes of Assumption, Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemine,
St. John the Baptist, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. Tammany, and Terrebonne 

4200 S. I-10 Service Rd. West, Metairie, Louisiana 70001 
P.O. Box 1146, Metairie, Louisiana  70004

(504) 889-0388 Fax: (504) 889-1162 Toll Free: (800) 394-9410


 Council Service Center Hours of Operation
Administrative Offices (Suite 101) - 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Council Services (Suite 125) - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday