Welcome to the Southeast Louisiana Council's Recruiting Resources for Fall 2021! We all want to help as many families join Scouting as we can this year. The best way to do that is to get the word out about joining Scouting in as many ways as possible. 

Below are resources for you to use in your recruiting efforts. Please reach out to our staff if you need help or have questions on anything here. We're eager to help you build your unit and offer Scouting to new families! 

The Basics:

There are many ways to design a Scout Sign-Up Night. Whether you're planning a traditional sign-up or doing a second chance event, getting the word out is critical. Use these documents to see all of the ways you can promote your Scout Sign-Up. Use the "Menu" of options to plan out your recruiting drive:

Menu of Recruiting Options

National Registration Fees

Beascout.org Instructions (Online Marketing and Online Applications)

PowerPoint from the Membership Conference

Marketing Resources:

When planning a sign-up it is extremely important to give yourself time to properly market your sign-up. For instance, geofencing should start 2 weeks out, with flyers and videos no less than 2 days before the sign-up. Make sure to reach out to our staff for help in customizing your marketing materials and to pick up things like flyers, cards, and yard signs. 

Organizing and Running your Join Scouting Night:

Sign-Up Night Agenda and Checklist

How to Run an In-person Join Scouting Night

Cub Scout Questions and Answer Video for Parents

New This Year: Centralized Scout Sign-Up Nights:

Centralized Sign-Up locations in late September and early October throughout the Council’s territory will provide Packs and Troops with a “second chance” sign-up opportunity in the schools and neighborhoods that they serve. Packs and Troops will be able to set up a table to sign up new families during a drop-in-style event. 

Learn How You Can Get Your Unit Involved





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