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The religious emblems programs are created by the various religious groups and faith traditions who partner with the BSA to encourage youth to grow stronger in their faith. The BSA has approved these programs and allows the recognition to be worn on the official uniform, but each religious organization and faith tradition—not the Boy Scouts of America—develops and administers its own curriculum and emblems. 

Religious emblems signify the work one completes learning about their faith tradition and its customs. These programs are graduated programs that teach youth or serve as ministry through curricula developed by leaders and educators in their own faith. Most traditions have multiple emblems for each Scouting program that align with requirements for Duty to God Adventures, Scout Spirit, and the Venturing TRUST Award. Similar to other advancements within BSA.

Scouting Faith-Based Relationships (Not an exhaustive listing)

National Catholic Committee on Scouting
National Jewish Committee on Scouting 
Lutheran Committee on Scouting
National Association of United Methodist Scouters




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