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Extension of Time Request

If a Scout foresees that due to no fault or choice of his or her own, it will be impossible to complete the Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18; or  the Quartermaster or Summit requirements before age 21, he or she may apply to the local council for a limited time extension. 

Requesting an extension. 
Requests for time extensions must be submitted to a council’s service center in person, electronically, or by mail to the attention of David P Leroux, Council Advancement Chair. The form, “Request for Extension of Time” may be used for this purpose. Since council-granted extensions expire no more than six months after the Scout’s 18th birthday, it is wise to submit requests before a Scout turns 18. For the same reason, Scouts should be encouraged to continue work on advancement throughout the extension request process.

Requests must

  • (a) explain why or how the circumstances necessitate an extension,
  • (b) indicate the number of months believed to be necessary to complete the requirements,
  • (c) explain how that period of time was determined, and
  • (d) include documentation of the circumstances. (See “Time Extensions,” If a cause is health related, a statement from a health professional must be provided. All documentation and supporting evidence submitted must be dated and include the name of the author.

Request for Extension of Time Form

Time Extensions are granted only when necessary and are reserved only for work on Eagle, Quartermaster and Summit awards. All time extensions expire on the date of the Scout’s board of review or the approved extension expiration date, whichever comes first.  No further  youth advancement or awards may be earned thereafter. When a time extension is requested, the Scout should continue working on the requirements until a final decision is delivered. In most cases, unless the National Council has issued other direction, a request must meet the three tests listed on the next page to be approved.

Test 1: The member joined or rejoined (or became active again after a period of inactivity or became refocused on advancement after a period of inattention) in time to complete all requirements before turning 18.

Test 2: Through no fault or choice of the Scout, an unforeseen circumstance or life-changing event with severe consequences has come to exist that now precludes completion of the requirements before the deadline. Examples might include, but are not limited to, a hospital stay, disabling injury, significant personal or family incident or issue, natural disaster, severe unseasonable weather, or the actions of others (see below, “Misinformation from adults in positions of authority”). If the circumstance is health-related, it should have been unforeseen and of recent onset, or a complication or intensification of an ongoing issue. 

Test 3: The circumstance is beyond the control of the Scout, could not have been anticipated or planned for, and was not or cannot be resolved in time to complete the requirements. Misinformation from adults in positions of authority. Since we teach obedience as one of the Scout Laws, it follows that guidance and direction from an adult leader carries significant weight. Adults who are misinformed about advancement requirements and timing have, at times, created circumstances that necessitated extensions. Councils must consider the circumstances of each case. If it can be established that a Scout followed incorrect guidance and direction in good faith, then Test 2—as it relates to the actions of others—may be considered fulfilled, even though the Scout has a handbook and should have read it. Applying the three tests. Whether a request for extension meets the three tests above requires the exercise of carefully considered and debated judgement. If the council advancement committee is unsure about whether an extension should be granted, the National Council encourages local councils to find in favor of the Scout.


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